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Precisely, neon is a gas. But to signmakers, neon refers to a custom-made, electric lamp that comprises gas-filled tubing. Some electric lamps — those giving different shades of red light — are often filled with neon gas. Thus, “neon signage” is the name given to such signs.

There are many reasons to use neon in your business. The first reason is the visibility provided by the neon tubes. A 5″ red neon letter is legible at 200′. Secondly, a neon tube is more energy efficient and thus more cost effective to operate than incandescent lighting. A red neon tube provides 5 times the light when compared to an incandescent lamp using the same wattage.

We also do Flexible Silicone Neon-Like LED Strips which look a lot like neon, but without the need for expensive transformers, glass tubing or inert gasses. Super flexible and bendy, they feature a single-color non-addressable LED strip with a solid chunk of translucent silicone rubber as a diffuser. They look incredible, and super easy to use and are a great way to make your projects light up!

Prices vary depending on your specific needs.

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